Grant for Restoration - Summer 2017



The Passaic County Cultural & Heritage Council at Passaic County Community College has been awarded an FY18 project grant in the amount of $12,442 from the New Jersey Historical Commission.

The funding will provide restoration of ten sculptures and plaques in the Federici Studio Collection.

An Open House, including presentations, a tour, and reception, will be held in Spring 2018 at the Hamilton Club.


The Legacy of Gaetano Federici Symposium - June 4, 2016


For over 60 years, Gaetano Federici beautified his adopted city of Paterson, completing about 40 commissioned public monuments within a two-mile radius of Paterson’s City Hall. Some of Federici’s artwork is owned by the City and managed by the Paterson Historic Preservation Commission. Though some of his sculptures, plaques and lunette carvings are on City property, others are on the grounds of private properties and churches.

Many of the pieces in the Federici Studio Collection in the Hamilton Club at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) showcase the elaborate process the artist undertook to craft these bronze statues.

Another collection of Federici’s works are under the care of the Passaic County Historical Society, which operates the Lambert Castle Museum, and has recently begun restoration to many of these pieces.

On June 4, 2016, the City of Paterson Historic Preservation Commission, in partnership with the Passaic County Historical Society and PCCC, will present The Legacy of Gaetano Federici Symposium at Lambert Castle in Paterson.

Click here for more information on the symposium and a press release